06 January 2012


My goal is simple: help as many people as I can (in no specific way - touching a life for the better is more rewarding than trying to force change for the worse); I hope to inspire, uplift, and educate my gracious readers, as many individuals have before done for me. 

As a personal trainer, nutritional expert, emergency preparedness advocate, and lifelong learner, my time is precious. Public forums, such as blogs, are an excellent way for me to reach out to more people, more often. I still cherish and find value in picking up the phone and calling someone directly, however, for the purpose of sharing general tips and tid-bits, blogging is the perfect platform. 

Thank you all for joining me in this journey for a healthier, happier, and thriving life - I know I will learn from you as much as you do from me!!

Cheers <3 M

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